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Best EDM Beats - License Options for Electronic Dance Music Tracks

Industry standard music licensing options for electronic dance music instrumentals.

Lease Rights

$19.90 per Beat
  • Stereo Mixed Beats and dance instrumentals
  • One Commercial Use
  • 2,000 Distributable units to sell
  • Profit from Ytube Vids
  • Trackouts / Stems
  • TV / Radio Airplay / Streams
  • Beats Removed from website
  • Royalty Free no sales commission

Premium Rights

$69.90 per Beat
  • Stereo Mixed Beats and dance instrumentals
  • Two Commercial Use
  • 5,000 Distributable units to sell
  • Profit from Ytube Vids
  • Trackouts / Stems
  • TV / Radio Airplay Streams
  • Beats removed from website
  • Royalty Free no sales commission

Exclusive Rights

$399.90-1299.90 per Beat
  • Stereo Mixed Beats and dance instrumentals
  • Two Commercial Use
  • 5,000 Distributable units to sell
  • Profit from Ytube Vids
  • Trackouts / Stems
  • TV / Radio Airplay Streams
  • Beats removed from website
  • Royalty Free no sales commission

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From the best DJs in the world...


chainsmokers beats


"There's a few things we look for in a great mix:  Percussion selection and dynamics building up before it drops!"


The Chainsmokers, DJ group, Artist


best edm beats 2017


"I'm starting to blend more trap and hip hop influences into my mixes than ever before...  EDM is here to stay!"


Afrojack, DJ, Artist


edm instrumentals


"EDM fused with island vibes mixed with clever bass licks is a winning formula right now!"


Major Lazer, DJ group, Producers


dance instrumentals


"In EDM, the arrangement is important because I have to keep the crowd hyped even during softer parts of a song."


Steve Aoki, DJ, Artist


edm trap beats


"I dunno.  I just like 808's.  And sometimes a nice vocal chop taken from the build up of an acapella."


DJ Snake, DJ, Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer custom beats and remixes?

Yes, we also offer custom beat production or remix production, see here, and we charge $599.90 for a beat made using a sample and $999.90 for a beat that is completely self-composed original material. As custom beats take a lot of time to be made, there are no bundle deals available for this kind of production.

How long will I have to wait to receive the beats I purchase?

All links are sent automatically, as soon as the payment has been settled.  Sometimes there might be a delay (up to 10 minutes) due to technical malfunction of some of the services. Be sure to check your spam folder as well.  In case you haven't received your beats, contact us at info@best-edm-beats.com and we'll solve the problem as soon as possible.  Regarding WAVs and tracked-out WAVs — we send them manually, so the delivery might last 12 to 24 hours (usually it's 1-8 hours, though).

What's the difference between a 'Lease" and Exclusive rights?

Non-exclusive (leasing) rights means that the beat is still owned by Best EDM Beats and its producers.  The lessee receives limited rights for the use of the purchased beat and can use it for one profitable project with the sales limit of up to 10 000 copies.  Exclusive rights, however, grant full ownership of the beat and you can do everything you want with it, except for selling to a third party.

Exclusive rights can be sold to only one person and, as soon as the beat's exclusive license has been sold, it is removed from our site and we cease its sale.  For any other questions related to exclusive rights contact us at info@best-edm-beats.com.

Can I use my EDM beat for a profitable project?

Yes, a non-exclusive license can be used for one profitable project (an album, a mixtape, a commercial etc.) with a sales limit of 10 000 copies.  It can also be used for an unlimited number of live shows or performances.

I got a beat. Can I alter it, change length, cut it, etc.?

As long as you have purchased a license to a beat, you are allowed to do changes to the beat-length, mixing, sounds, etc. by keeping up with the terms & conditions. This excludes tagged beats/free demo downloads!

Will the voice tag be removed when I purchase?

Yes. Just as soon as the payment is settled, you'll receive a version of the beat in your e-mail associated with your PayPal account that will contain no voice tags.

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No matter your project, we have a license perfectly suited for your needs. And the best part - you can upgrade your license at any time!

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