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Most helpful Hints for EDM Artists

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As an EDM producer who owns my own 3rd party music production company,  I understand how frustrating it could be to heed the guidance an artist or dj would need to take to get the best edm beats ever.  However, successful DJ artists have proven that the following tips sometimes require zero talent.

(49 Tips) Success as a DIY Musician or new EDM producer / artist

A lot of your questions may go unanswered or you just need help starting out maybe.  Within the last year or two,  I have already been updating my Facebook  and Twitter followers with advice and tips  (from my own experience!) on many areas of being an unbiased musician – which range from specialized tips, to the music biz, beat making vids on my instagram more!  Since I produce digital party music and EDM beats predominately, many of these tips may be genre specific.  Maybe this information can help you in learning to be a successful DIY musician and earning money from what you wish to do.  Make your passion your paycheck! I’ve included the best 49 tips below.

Best EDM beats ever: tips and hints for EDM producers

Producer/Artist Suggestion #1: Be interested in the music you make. With out a true love for the creative art work you create, you have little or nothing to be proud of!

Producer/Artist Hint #2: Work hard and stay prolonged at fine tuning your craft.  (I’ll reiterate the value of this effort numerous times… “make your passion your paycheck

Producer/Artist Suggestion #3: You shouldn’t be afraid to test the waters or get experimental with your music.  Always remain humble in “creative mode” while hoping something new could take your songs on to another level.

Producer/Artist Idea #4: When everything else fails, make reference to Producer Suggestion #1.  Again, the enthusiasm fuels the determination to doing something great!

Producer/Artist Idea #5: Develop your project’s work ethic.  Nothing at all in life is free – not even free beats download.  Decide, and DO IT!

Producer/Artist Hint #6: Make music to motivate others.  If we can’t motivate one another through our music as artists and fans, it’s hard to defend why we we make in the first place.

Producer Hint #7: First, find a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), or hardware device (i.e. MPC), that fits your workflow and needs. Second, study every aspect of the program and know it like the back of your hand.

Producer/Artist Suggestion #8: BE HUMBLE! An egotistical frame of mind is certain to get you nowhere, fast.

Producer/Artist Idea #9: Be considered a trend-setter, not really a follower.  Don’t just copy somebody else’s creative expression for your own benefit.  Being unique because getting your own style will place you ahead of everyone else.

Top EDM beats and dance instrumentals deserve credit to the EDM producer who made them

Producer/Artist Idea #10: The mixdown is one of the main areas of any studio instrumental or dj track.  Always ensure that you learn proper ways to mix and master your tracks.  You can always purchase mixing and mastering services online if you wish by using the contact form here.

Producer/Artist Idea #11: Deal with your business like a professional.  A happy customer shall have significantly more motivation to be in business together with you again if the experience was pleasant.  You do want repeat customers… right?

Producer/Artist Hint #12: Remain encircled by people and things that keep you encouraged and interested in your craft!  In a world that seems filled negativity, this is vital.

Producer/Artist Idea #13: To be able to pursue a profession as an unbiased dance music producer or designer, you have to comprehend the music business and current weather first. Help yourself and be educated.

Producer/Artist Suggestion #14: A public media site isn’t just your website.  Your individual website can be an important part of your business and brand reputation in the music industry!

Producer Suggestion #15: Selling beats on Soundclick is an excellent stepping stone for those who are just getting started.  But, you will eventually want to consider other websites to market your beats on.  Research your options to understand the countless advantages of getting your own website.

Keep in mind, the gear doesn’t make the music, you do.

Producer/Artist Idea #16: Being humble in knowing that there is almost always there is room for improvement.  Welcome criticism and constructive feedback whenever you can!

Rapper/Artist Suggestion #17: Find the “pocket” of the instrumental you’re rapping to.  Don’t try to rush your lyrics.  Allow beat come for you.

Producer/Artist Hint #18:  Spend money on yourself therefore so will others!  “It takes money to make money.”

Producer/Artist Suggestion #19: Adversity is inescapable.  Your consistent creative effort and determination are crucial on the path to success in the music industry.

Gift of giving:  Make it common courtesy to hear others’ music first…

Producer/Artist Idea #20: When promoting your music across internet sites, please make it common courtesy to hear others’ music FIRST before requesting that same favour. Otherwise, it just looks like spam.

Producer/Artist Hint #21: Be sure to get multiple opinions for your music before launching the final mix and mastered version of your songs.  Quite simply, ensure you pay attention to it on different audio systems (studio room monitors, earphones, laptop, car, etc).

Producer/Artist Idea #22: Placed goals. Achieve those goals. Do it again.

Producer Idea #23: You do not need a bunch of nice equipment to make good music.  Although, the quality will definitely improve if you have equipment designed for professional music studios.  Keep it basic if your just getting started and build your arsenal as you go.  Keep in mind, the gear doesn’t make the music, you do.

Producer/Artist Hint #24: If achieving success was easy, everyone would be doing it and nobody would be succeeding.  Devote yourself to doing ongoing work that you’re passionate about, pay your dues, and do not lose sight of why you started out this pursuit to begin with.

Producer Idea #25: Examples or original compositions, it shouldn’t be target of your studio sessions.  The ultimate end goal ought to be to make the dopest music possible!  Period!

Placed goals. Achieve those goals. Do it again.

Rapper/Artist Idea #26: Please ensure that you show your producers support and give them production credit when working with their beats.  All it requires is a straightforward “prod. by add producer’s name here”.
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Producer/Artist Suggestion #27: Rather than trying to capture your “break in the action”, why not just put in the extra effort and get it yourself?  Your success lies solely within your own hands.

Producer/Artist Suggestion #28: Mixing and mastering audio tracks is a talent.  Don’t take these step lightly.  Mixing and mastering can totally change how someone reacts to your music.

Producer/Artist Hint #29: Consistently putting out good songs with cool beats is the first step to making your music business profitable.  However, many aspiring music artists/producers/artists neglect to learn the business part.  Get educated and figure out how to BUILD YOUR BRAND!

Don’t use ‘garbage’ sound choices.

Producer/Artist Suggestion #30: The mixing and song creating process won’t fix your poorly designed monitor setup.  Garbage sounds or poor mix decisions within the session will only be amplified when sent to the master chain.

Producer/Artist Idea #31: Keep different varieties of music in your playlist.  It’ll delight your fans how versatile you can be with blending different genres together in music.  Be a genre-bender.

Producer/Artist Suggestion #32: Creativity comes and goes, but staying steady and working hard are integral factors in becoming successful.  Even on “off” days, you must find ways to remain motivated.  Keep it moving!

Producer/Artist Suggestion #33: Once you get your standard website ready to go, starting a email list or newsletter is crucial!  This is one way you talk to your fans and can be an ESSENTIAL part of creating your business.

Producer Suggestion #34: Layering your drums and proper use of parallel compression can do miracles for your songs.  The effect is that the kick will be punchier and cut through the mix.

How to cure writers block

Producer Suggestion #35:  The more original your production style is, the more simple it becomes to brand your audio.

Producer/Artist Hint #36: You don’t have to create a buzz for your own music.  When it’s dope, other folks can do that part for you.  Not saying that you should not promote it, but there are proper ways to achieve that. DON’T SPAM people!

Producer/Artist Idea #37: Good stuff come to people who work their asses off rather than quit.  (This is not an original suggestion, but this would have to be included).  Again, you have to set up the foundation if you want to start to see the results.  Period.

Producer/Artist Idea #38: Speed yourself up when coming up with songs.  Forcing yourself to ultimately make music everyday is a fairly easy way to see a “producer’s stop” or “writer’s block”.  Never sacrifice quality for variety!

Producer/Artist Idea #39: YouTube is an outstanding platform to showcase your music. Understand how to label your videos to get maximum views and shares plus most of all, new fans!

Sometimes, a perfect mistake leads to a whole new idea!

Producer Hint #40: A dope bridge or change-up may take your beat to another level.  The tiny things can make the world of difference.  One way new EDM producers do this is taking parts of the build up and chopping them into the drop sections.  Its what you’re looking for in dance instrumentals for sale.

Producer Hint #41: Do not get swept up on what hardware or software another producer is using to make their beats.  Find something that will fit your requirements and is also intuitive enough that you can use it.  A smooth workflow will permit you to stay organized and easily translate your ideas into musical masterpieces!

Producer/Artist Suggestion #42: To all or any the recording performers and music makers hoping to 1 day “get signed”:  Why wouldn’t you pave your own way on the music scene and also have total control over your music and business?  If you aren’t earning money as an unbiased artist or producer, consider why.  Check out a few of the successful EDM producers and DJs and study from them.  They’re obviously doing something right!

Make Your Passion Your Paycheck

Rapper/Artist Hint #43: There’s a huge difference in the way new DJs and EDM producers are seen.  It is based on whether they have major placements under their belt.  With that said… don’t eliminate those hungry unsigned artists and underground music producers that are on the come up. Those will be the ones you want to keep an eye on.  To the musicians and artists:  join their producers now while the beats are still affordable.  You might get back to them for beats later on and their prices have tripled.

Producer/Artist Hint #44: Mixing and mastering your tune or instrumental with a brand new set of monitors is one of the better things you can when comparing sounds on different systems!  When you are creating, blending certain elements is preferred.  But do not forget to let your ears rest for a day or two before your final mix!  Patience between mixdowns on different parts of a song is how quality EDM beats are constructed when produced by Kustom or other great electronic music producers.

Producer/Artist Suggestion #45: Persistence is key. You’re only as effective as your last track unless you can prove that you are able to raise the bar in music!

Best advice for new EDM DJ or producer

Producer/Artist Suggestion #46: If you’re chasing a music profession because you are interested in a simple way to do it, PICK ANOTHER THING!  Achieving success as an unsigned artist or music producer is definitely not easy.

Producer/Artist Idea #47: The internet music community stays very well linked on the social networks.  Manage all your music business and whatever you need to do respectfully… don’t burn bridges!  Your reputation will drive your business quite a distance.

Producer Hint #48: Customizing a default program design template for your DAW will permit you to really get your musical ideas jump-started quickly.  In the first levels of composing an instrumental, the additional time you can devote to the genuine music, and the less time on the specialized aspects, the better!

Producer/Artist Idea #49: Overall, achieving success in the EDM business or party music industry is possible if you are prepared to help with the effort and commitment to the hustle.

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