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DJ Beats by an EDM Producer – EDM DJs Need Beat Song

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DJ Beats by an EDM Producer – EDM DJs release songs for exposure

Ever wonder how your favorite DJ makes songs? Surely you don’t believe that DJs are doing 100% of the work when it comes to new music.  Allow me to break it down.  What I mean is that DJs aren’t the only one doing all the work such as: producing the beat, writing the lyrics, recording the vocals, mixing and mastering, music video direction, and marketing.  However, DJs are literally everywhere – so up and coming DJ artists should start investing in their own sound by sourcing producer beats from sites like Best EDM Beats.


DJs should pick a producer that combines pop beats with modern sound selection

When you listen to the most popular DJ artists out today, there’s normally a consistent theme associated with their branded sound. Many DJ artists such as Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, 3lau, Steve Aoki, Zedd, Avicii, Diplo, Major Lazer, and many others are outsourcing the most important part of the song to their favorite producers.  Why?  Because if something turns out to be a “hit” then, in turn, people will want more of it.  DJ beats are available in pop rap instrumental style in a format that is familiar to most EDM fans.


How famous DJs make songs – Where DJ artists get their beats

As a music producer who makes electronic dance music tracks for DJ artists and rappers, I’ve had the pleasure to work with top clients.  Featured on my official Kustom Music Website, you can hear my latest release featuring DJ Shift (resident Las Vegas DJ for the top venues) and performed by the Jackie Boyz.  Notice how I said “my latest release” – that’s because I work on many artist projects and this one is just my most current – which I’m proud of.  DJ artists and rappers alike get their beats from reputable sources that have a good experience in the dance music business.  Feel free to email me about splits, rights, administration, marketing, or creative ideas you might have related to electronic dance music DJ beats.


Dance beats | Beats for the club | Trap beats | House Beats | Best EDM Beats

So you’ve heard of these styles of beats – me too. But how are they currently being made?  Dance tracks can be fun to make and are designed to get people off their feet!  In a club, the popular DJs pick songs that correlate best with the style of music they like to play.  As a club beat producer, I tend to listen for music by DJs that stands out.  I like to try things that no other DJ has done.  That’s what you get when work with a producer like Kustom – is variety.  See more at the official Kustom Instagram.


Current vocal beat style for DJ artists getting ready for club or dance music festival

The last 10 tracks I’ve made have featured some kind of vocal trick. For example, I will use the acapella provided to me and remix it on a new beat.  Then, I chop up the vocal into a new rhythm, use auto-tune to correct any pitch issues, and DJ sound effects (such as tape stops, reverb, delay, filters, EQ) to create new melodies.  Vocal beats are in high-demand right now.  They are similar to DJ Snake or Major Lazer in that the beat features some kind of vocal drop.  Even Calvin Harris’ last song featured a vocal drop using Rihanna’s voice.


If you’re going to the studio and preparing to write a new song, then try a vocal beat produced by Kustom. They sound great in the club and perform well on radio as well.


Get in the studio and start writing to some vocal beats today!


Best EDM Beats is the #1 online instrumentals website to get trending electronic dance music tracks for DJ and performance uses. Use your mouse to click on the beat you want to play in the player below.  The music you hear is produced by a full-time studio engineer and music producer who specializes in all styles of EDM.



Get the best EDM instrumentals sent directly to your email! Best EDM Beats has styles of music instrumentals that can often times play on their own without any lyrics.  DJs and producers use the beats as ways to transition between popular songs.  If you’re an artist, you can buy the pop rap beats to use at shows or in a club setting.  Artists and popular DJs that have similar sound