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5 Things I’d Tell Myself as a New Producer

new edm producer

So…  You like electronic dance music tracks and you intend to figure out how to make it the best!

This may eventually take up a lot of time in your daily life. You can make money, but you’ll waste some time along the way.  That is, if you don’t take my advice about making beats for djs. So here it is…

#1 – Don’t spend your time seeking validation

Look, you’ve been achieving this for a couple of months. Your music isn’t good. It simply isn’t.

Everybody’s music sucks following the first couple of months. Thinking about be any different? And moreover, why should people value your music?

There is absolutely no justification why they must good care, unless they’re an exceptionally good friend or relative. Then even, they’ll probably notice that it doesn’t appear that good, yet.

Don’t hang out posting random videos and WIPs on Soundcloud. Don’t promote them via private Facebook note to companies you’ve added who don’t even understand you.

It’s not productive, and moreover, it’s opportunity cost. You must spend that point focusing on music instead.

#2 – Develop resilience and creative discipline

Yeah, I really know what you’re thinking.

Producing is simple, right?  Even if its just making a few EDM instrumentals?

You go back home from university and can’t hang on to begin with. You can stay there all night making music with the same amount of interest and power you have while participating in Runescape.

But that wont last forever. Actually, it won’t last for very long. Because you’ll receive discouraged. You’ll learn to recognize that learning anything is effort, and learning music creation is very difficult since it has so many facets.

And you are going to need far more than fleeting determination.

So, create a habit. Produce for 90 minutes per day. Every day. Print this quote from Roosevelt and place it on your wall…

“Nothing worthwhile having was ever before achieved without work”

Also, recognize that you will see days where in fact the last thing you should do is produce. Get it done anyways. You’ll feel better after. Do whatever it takes even if you have to make Chainsmokers beats style or Calvin Harris Instrumental type.

#3 – Learn music theory. NOW.

Because you’ve been participating in acoustic guitar and drums for a couple of years, it doesn’t signify you can miss music theory.

Because there will be more than 3 professional providers who make great music and don’t know theory, they may be professional regardless of being unsure of theory, not because they don’t really know it.

Unless you learn theory, you’re firing yourself in the feet. It’ll make life an entire whole lot easier.

Read a few catalogs on it, and begin analyzing your selected songs. You’ll give thanks to me later.

#4 – Remake more music

Remember that entire validation thing?

You’ll have strong desire to invest almost all of your time and effort making original music. This can be an inadequate use of their time.

You decide to do learn through making original music, nevertheless, you do not learn up to you are doing when remaking other music.

I would recommend for the first six months at least that you may spend half your time and effort (or even more) remaking other music. Note-for-note, bar-by-bar.

Very few providers do that, because it’s hard. Embrace the issue. You’ll be happy you did.

#5 – Find out ways to really practice

You are going to ask people ridiculous questions.

“How do you write good melodies?”

“How do you build good build-ups?”

Yes, they are ridiculous questions. And the reason why they’re ridiculous questions is that they can certainly be fixed through practice.

And learning how to apply is paramount, because it can be the difference between 3 years to making good music or 13 years.

Want to create good melodies? Do that: Remake 5 melodies every day making use of your ear, and create 5 original melodies every full day.

After a couple of months, you will be writing good melodies.

Produce similar practice exercises for the areas you have a problem with.

Are you a fresh producer?